International Journal of Legal Enforcement

Terms & Conditions

1) By making the submission to our journal, the author(s) agree to all terms and conditions of International Journal of Legal Enforcement

2) The Managerial Board of IJLE has the ultimate power of deciding if a manuscript submitted to the journal should be published, in doing so is guided by the journal's policies as determined by the boards of IJLE

3) The Author(s) should submit only their original works, submission of others work will subject to legal action.

4) The Editors have the complete right to decline any manuscript on account of plagiarism, infringement, incomplete pre-publication formalties

5) The Author should submit the declaration form that states the manuscript submitted is their original work in case of co-authorship declaration form should be signed by all authors and state that the manuscript is their own work

6) The entire work are done with team collabration with one another, all manuscripts are evaluated crucially by team of experts in order to maintain the standard of the journal, The decision of Editor-in-Chief and Director will be final

7) The Acceptance or Rejection will be communicated to the author(s) within 3-5 working days.

8) All communications pertaining to manuscript will be done by the Managerial Board and can be reached for any queries relating to the same.

9) Board will evaluate the merit of manuscripts without any regard to race, gender, country of origin, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation

10) The submitted manuscripts will be peer reviewed and review report can be provided to author(s) in case of their request.

11) International Journal of Legal Enforcement allows the author to hold the copyright and retain publishing rights without any restrictions.

12) There is the absolute zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism in our journal. If they found they will be rejected at any stage